Project: OMAC [2] – Visual and Performing Art Centre
Project Team: poly.m.ur (Homin Kim, Chris S. Yoo)
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Date: 2007
Client: Old Museum Art Centre
Cost: GPB 12 mil
Area: 4,800 sqm (gross internal)
Project Status: Competition entry


This is a scheme for a 4,800 sqm art centre for visual art, dance and theatre situated in city centre of Belfast. The design evolved from acknowledging that an art centre in a city centre environment plays a key role not just as a venue but more importantly as a hub of social and cultural life of the city. Among typically commercially driven city centre premises of offices and retails that are often dense and uninviting, a cultural institution such as this one works as a ‘breathing space’ not only in terms of its contents provided for the public but also in architectural and urbanistic sense. For an art centre, as the value lies fundamentally on improving the standard of social and cultural life of the city rather than measuring its success against profit per square meter, it desires to be an inviting, interesting, and out of the ordinary place which can be well integrated into day-to-day life of people in the city. Therefore it was our fundamental criteria to make this building as a place where people can recognize as a ‘symbol’ of culture and art of Belfast.