Project: Art and Craft Studios
Project Team: poly.m.ur (Homin Kim, Chris Yoo), Seok Yoon, Heekyung Moon, Wonil Kim, Suki Kwon
Location: Korea National University of Cultural Heritage, Baekjaemunro 367 Gyuammyeon Buyeogun Chungcheongnamdo, Korea
Program: Education and Research (Studio, Study room, Dormitory)
Date: 2009 – 2012
Status: Completed
Site Area: 6,600 m²
Building Coverage Area: 1,330.2 m² (403.09 py)
Building Area: 3,802.45 m² (1,152.26 py)
Building Coverage Ratio: 20.15%
Floor Area Ratio: 57.61%
Inspector Company: POSCO A&C (Chanju Park)
Main Contractor: Yuil Construction Company Ltd.
Structural Engineer: Sen (Hyunsub Noh)
Civil Engineer: Dongnam E&C (Jongsam Kim)
M&E Engineer: Hana Consulting Engineers Co. (Suwon Lee, Youngdon Kim)
Quantity Surveyor: Mido
Client: Cultural Heritage Administration


The arts and craft studios located within the Korean National University of Cultural Heritage consists of three main programs, gallery, workshop and student dormitory. It forms part of university campus in rural area of Buyeo. The site faces three different environments, mountains, campus, and thickly grown reeds. Corresponding also three programmatic zones with these environments, massing is formed by laminating three layers of linear volumes facing different views, resulting a tri-wing formation. Using polycarbonate as main material, three variations of façade designs were used to highlight programmatic and environmental relationships. The massing also steps from west to east creating terraces on the western side of the building which is facing the reeds field while creating overhangs on the eastern part of the building providing gentle protection over the pathway leading up to the main entrance of the building.

Arts and Craft Studio