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Project: Buyeo Highway Service Station (competition entry)
Project Team: poly.m.ur, (Homin Kim, Chris S. Yoo)
Location: Buyeo, Korea
Date: 2007
Client: Korean Expressway Corporation
Cost: N/A
Area: 2,580 sqm


This is a scheme for a new services station planned along the new highway. The programme consists of public amenities such as cafe, restuarant, and toilets and administrative functions that are offices and staff accomodations. The design of the building emerged from the idea of creating artificial topography which echoes hills and mountains surrounding the site. Continuity and connectivities were the keywords for the project. The intention was to create the building without any definition of what is front, back, sidet, or top, but to form a system of envelope grown out of the ground which can be adjusted and manipulated to suit various functional requirement and subtlely disolve back into landscape.

Buyeo Highway Station